It's time for  the care, support 

and Free expression that we came for. 

Healthy Relationships Matter


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Peace, clarity, joy are found when you join Fawna in deep listening. This light touch or on phone treatment combines Cranio Sacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, Reiki, Intuitive Healing, Angel Therapy, Counselling and Coaching to bring your physical, emotional, social and spiritual pieces to the surface.  When we know what's going on we can take the steps to healing- it's been in you all along!!! 


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About Me

Coaching and team building

I love words, I love to listen.  Combining these two passions to help you find the words that fit you perfect. Let me help you get your voice out there - trust me, the world needs it!  


deep listening

Individual and teams thrive on healthy relationships.  Let's come together to discover where you are at now, what's standing in your way and make the shifts to care, support and free expression.  Find the freedom in trusting one another and you will profit in every way.  


Fawna Bews