An intimate account of young mother, Fawna Bews’s, journey through cancer in 2000 and 2012. A compilation of journal entries, reflections and blogs capturing the shock, emotion and awareness gleaned from these life threatening events. Fawna freely shares the ‘best of time and the worst of times’. As a self proclaimed seeker of Truth she lays out the numerous methods that she endeavoured to bring peace and meaning to the situation. This soulful story will take you directly into Fawna’s firsthand experience with the pain of separation from her children, barrages of testing, high dose chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant and the lighter moments in between. You will come away inspired. A story of miracles and generosity and how cancer can be used to serve a higher purpose.

Finding Fawna: Using Cancer for Awakening

Fawna Bews Books

take down the walls, make the shift

Circle of Trust: Shift to Healthy Relationship

It's time for  the care, support 

and Free expression that we came for. 

Healthy Relationships Matter


Victim, Bully, Rescuer; the drama in our relationships is keeping us stressed out and separate. It's time for us to mature out into healthy relationships. Perspective is everything and the Circle of Trust will give you a way to shift into a new view. Clear and personal, this book will lead you to finding care and support. The care and support that allow us to really be ourselves. Your life, your relationships can be not only understood, but transformedType your paragraph here.

Fawna Bews